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Starting a new garden from scratch is proving to be a different kind of challenge. Normally I would think of things to put “next to” this or “between” this and that, but with a completely blank slate, everything changes for me.

As a “visual” person, I think in terms of how things will look together and I can judge easily how this taller plant will look next to that shorter one. When you can see existing Snapdragons, for example, it is easy to visualize Dianthus to the right and Alyssum in front of both as a border.

With bare earth to go on, however, it seems a bit more daunting!

We have a wall of Boxwoods, bare earth, and a gnarled Filbert in the newly filled garden area. Our winter planting of Kale and onions has not made a dent in the wide open bare area. So in planning the future of this space, there is little to provide visual reference for the future appearance of the spring garden.

We know we want the final outcome to have an English Garden appearance, and we know we want to blend some vegetables in with annual and perriennial flowers.

Beyond these knowns, the entire front garden area is somewhat unknown.

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