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Posted By on May 3, 2013

The garden looked awfully barren last fall.

The garden looked awfully barren last fall.

It is the day after our last freeze warning (fingers crossed) and we did not lose any plants. I feel truly blessed. I have never been able to spend this much time on a garden or had one this size. It has taken my husband, his mother and myself to start this from scratch. We have removed sod by hand, moved soil in, toiled, and worked. I have moved rocks that I have hand picked from the back yard so many times I can’t even keep up. We have created new beds, mulched, watered and planted more.

It's an explosion of color!

It’s an explosion of color!


We are done right? No this is just the beginning, and that’s whats great about gardening. Everyday brings a new adventure. I have found plants that reseeded themselves. I have found plants that I thought were gone come back and others left by birds. I have gotten too many plants so that I could lose some, which does happen. Gardening can be a gamble. Don’t take it personally. Roll with the punches.

Its going to be a good year. I have no idea whats going to happen, but when you do organic gardening you don’t fight with nature, but play with it and smile. I enjoy seeing what my lizards, toads, lady bugs, and snakes are up to knowing they are my garden buddies. If I were to use pesticide I could not enjoy this. Today I am going to be thankful that my garden is basking in this great sunny day, and I’m going to walk the garden smell the roses, and look for my garden helpers.IMG_0322

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