Margarite Desiree (Snell) Scott 08/24/1971

Born Avon Park Fl. Parents  Mother Penney Lorraine (Osborne) Wassell Snell(Teacher) 02/15/1941 -05/09/1996  Father Oscar Norman Snell(Teacher) 03/06/1945 Syblings Renee Wassell Byrd, and Brett Wassell Parents lived in Elgin Texas at time of Birth. Moved from Elgin Tx to Lawton Ok. Lived there till I was 4 Moved to Kansas lived there until about 1980 I remember running out of gas all the time, and my grandmother being sick. Summers Grandma Snell would take care of me it was wounderful and spent time with Candice Snell, and Nic. I loved my brother, and sister so very much, and cryed when they left me to go to school. My mother was a free spirit, and moved every moment she stayed in one place to long so move we did. After my Grandmother Osbornes death we moved to Fredericksburg Texas 1981 we moved shortly after that to the hill country. I went to school for the first time with out my mother as my teacher in 5 grade I was taken to San Antonio into the School my mom worked at. I went to school in Comfort Tx in the 7th grade for a few months then moved back to San Antonio Tx till 9th grade then moved to SDA Bahamas Acadamy Nassau Bahamas. Got married to Peter Henriquez for about a year and a few months left to come home and grow up Dec 1990. Moved in with my parents for little bit then moved to Fort Worth to be closer to my syblings. My Brother and Sister helped me to get back on my feet.

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