Elanore Marjorie (Whetstine) Snell 9/3/1920-7/3/1996

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Elanore Marjorie Whetstine born Sept 3rd 1920 in Thermopolis Wyoming. Her father was Urn E. Whetstine he is listed as a Farmer (best I can read bc it is hand written). It also says he was born in Kansas. He was 37 @ the time of her birth. Her mother was Loretta (maiden name Farrell) Whetstine listed as a housewife. Says she was born in Wyoming. She was 33 when she was born (again hand written so it’s hard to read definately 30something pretty sure 33).  They mispelled Elanores name, There was a paper attached to the birth cert showing that she had it corrected. Elanore was their 6th child according to the birth cert. Elanore passed away July 3rd 1996 @ 75yrs old.

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