Update to Tricky Planting Instructions

Posted By on March 13, 2013

Preparing the soil

Carefully using our high-tech polymer liquid-food transfer device (more commonly known as a “spoon”) to set the germinated seeds just-so.

As I feared, the tricky-instruction seeds were forgotten in the bottom of my refrigerator. After the 60-degree time frame was up, I moved all the seeds to the bottom drawer of  the fridge and promptly forgot them. After 30 days and an additional 10-day stay, I remembered them.

The seeds had sprouted in each of the zippered plastic bags. The trick was now going to be how to plant them. My original plan had been to spread the chilled and moistened seeds over the planting area. Now the seeds had to be lifted carefully from the zipper bag and placed in the soil with leaves up and roots down. We settled on a plastic spoon as the perfect tool for this planting.

Planting the seeds

Planting the seeds

The spoon worked well and the seeds are all thriving in their new indoor environment.

The results of the refrigerated seed sprouting experiment are very positive. Previous efforts at planting such seeds led to very limited germination rates while it appears that using the refrigerator method we had a very high germination rate.

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